1952 – Tormes founder Ezio Segarizzi begins his activity in a small workshop located in Piazza delle Milizie, Milan.

Ezio Segarizzi con moglie

1963 – Ezio Segarizzi starts servicing multi-spindle lathes, relocating to suburban Garbagnate Milanese (MI). In that year he will start construction of the new operational headquarters.

Capannoni Garbagnate

1972 – Freshly graduated Gerardo Segarizzi begins work alongside his father Ezio at the helm of the company. Those years saw the flourishing of the first important collaborations with companies operating in the automotive and large infrastructure sectors, helping the company attain increasingly higher quality standards.

1982 - Tormes established stable business relationships with important local companies such as D.I.S.A. S.p.A., one of our largest customers to this day.

Late 90's – The current organisational chart is established, with Gerardo Segarizzi at the head of the company assisted by his wife Ornella and sons Alessandro and Silvio. Over the years the latter will acquire increasing responsibility and prominence in the corporate structure.

2000 – Tormes expands its customer base internationally fulfilling its first orders from Germany, thus building commercial relations with important German and French multinationals.

2004 – The new and current operational headquarters are inaugurated in the industrial area of Garbagnate Milanese (MI).

2019 – Tormes obtains ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.

In 2022 Tormes celebrates its 70th anniversary, an important milestone for a company founded in the aftermath of the Second World War in a small workshop in Milan where a young and ambitious man, founder Ezio Segarizzi, started his business with few available tools.

For 70 years the company's strength has been the passion, experience, and commitment of the Segarizzi Family, and the highly valued collaborators who have succeeded each other over the years.

This seventieth birthday is an opportunity to celebrate all employees past and present, to remember the values of the company and to evoke 70 years of challenges, completed projects and growth.

Thanks to its solid foundations Tormes is ready to the challenges of tomorrow, with new investments and new projects and the inextinguishable desire to continually grow and innovate.

Revisioni tornio conto terzi

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