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In order to unambiguously guide the choice of strategies and consequent activities, management ensures that this Policy is communicated and understood within the company.
It is responsible for providing a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and is presented and renewed with an annual meeting. The quality policy is disseminated and practiced on a daily basis, through numerous process efficiency analyses, production monitoring and the analysis of plans and control sheets, supported by a specific industrial IT system, Metronome. In order to maintain and grow the Quality Management System, the organization sets itself the following strategic objectives:

  • seek the optimization of business processes in order to achieve, through continuous improvement, the maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness, thus going to provide the customer with a quality, reliable, safe, timely, punctual and flexible service;
  • develop its ability to respond to and anticipate the needs and expectations of customers and all interested parties, monitoring their degree of satisfaction, managing complaints and proposing initiatives for their information and involvement;
  • ensure that every employee working within the organization feels, in relation to their duties, personally involved in the implementation of the Policy;
  • maintain compliance with compliance obligations and international, European, national and local standards, with reference to the quality of the service provided.

The Quality Management System has been structured by processes. In particular, to implement the Management System we proceeded to:

  1. identify the processes necessary for the Quality Management System accurately, for each phase of the production process;
  2. establish their sequence and their interactions;
  3. establish criteria and methods capable of ensuring their effective operation and control;
  4. ensure the availability of resources and information necessary to support its implementation and monitoring;
  5. define criteria and methods for measuring, monitoring and analyzing processes, in order to implement the actions necessary for the Continuous Improvement of the Quality Management System.

The methods of planning and management by processes and the related responsibilities are described in more detail within the various management procedures, with reference to the production schedules, cycles and schedules as regards the single products and to the organizational chart as regards the roles.


Products must be measured and monitored to ensure that relevant requirements have been met.

The controls to be carried out in appropriate phases of the product manufacturing processes (in acceptance, in process, final), must be planned upstream by defining the characteristics subject to control, the reference values (if applicable), the conditions for carrying out the process , the permitted tolerances, the frequency of the checks, the qualification of the operators who carry out the checks, the documents on which to record the results of the checks, the most suitable instruments for carrying out the checks, those responsible for releasing the product, etc.

The choice of when, how many and which checks to perform depends on:

  • criticality of the supplied product
  • reliability and adequacy of the supplier
  • ease of verification at a certain stage of production
  • impact on costs (personnel, equipment, etc.)

The controls can therefore be:

  • at 100%
  • at random

Records must be maintained indicating the persons who authorize the release of the products.

The ways to give evidence of passing the checks can be:

  • test certificates
  • certificates
  • completed forms
  • checked and signed work cycles
  • computer records

The new standard, like the previous one, also asks us to make sure that the products are compliant. The checks must be planned upstream and recorded. At the end of each process there must be a measurement and/or monitoring, an analysis and a consequent action

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